FFFC - Kemptville North Grenville, Friends of the Ferguson Forest Centre

Tree Seedling Nursery - The Ferguson Forest Centre is a not-for-profit corporation working to ensure the continuing supply of economical, quality nursery stock. We grow primarily native species of trees and shrubs that are hardy for the south-central Ontario climate. Exotic species grown are naturalized to our climate and are for specific uses. We do not grow invasive species.

About Horses...

Leeds County Draft Horse Club
The Leeds County Draft Horse Club was formed in 1986. Its purpose is to promote the proper care and use of draft horses; whether it be for agricultural or recreational endeavours. Activities include: monthly meetings; sleigh rides; field days; pleasure drives.

Eastern Ontario Horses of Course Club

Multi-breed, multi-disciplinary, family-oriented groups with the aims of:
promoting the many excellent breeds of light and heavy horses found in Eastern Ontario; providing a mutually-supportive venue for the dissemination of information and for the sharing of expertise; and, fostering a socially active, non-competitive atmosphere for enjoying our horses.

Eastern Ontario Pleasure Driving Society
Anyone may participate who is interested in pleasure driving
whether: using light or heavy horses or other harnessed
animals; using vintage or modern appropriate vehicles; interested in collecting, restoring vehicles, or literature on carriages; involved in pursuits related to these interests.
The Society emphasizes family involvement in meetings and driving activities.

Canada's Capital Cachers:
Geocaching is a pastime, where someone hides a container and reports the exact coordinates (longitude / latitude) at www.geocaching.com   Once a Cache has been placed and published, others "Hunt" the cache. When a cacher finds the cache, they can take something out of it, but they need to leave something in trade. There's also a logbook to sign, and they are invited to log their find on the website for everyone to see. Each of us enjoys caching in our own special way, and we often get together for some fun in the great outdoors.


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